Design studio "Fogeron"

Design studio "Fogeron" has many years of experience in the design of printed materials. We develop advertising products with special appeal and originality. Our advertising is always functional and aimed at solving specific advertising objectives.

Due to the large number of jobs we have done for companies from the banking sector, our clients include many banks. We are proud of the special ability to create promotional materials for solid institutions.

Design Studio "Fogeron" makes print advertising, printing products design, corporate identity commissioned works out of companies that manufactures Internet sites and performs other related services.

Making logos

A logo is a graphical face of the company. We can develop for You an original company logo that will be bright and interesting. It will differentiate You from your competitors, and look great on all media.

Corporate identity development

The company was recognized, it is necessary to develop a corporate identity. Then business cards, letterheads, booklets, brochures, signage and much more can be done in the same style, using a self-branded graphic elements. Corporate identity is made in the form of a brand book, which describes the logo, corporate graphic elements, fonts, corporate colors, the rules of branding on different materials.

The creation of annual reports

Design, layout, printing of the annual report
Annual report - a special kind of promotional material, which produce the organization of financial sector and other major companies. We did a lot of annual reports. They differ in purity of taste, "thin" style design.

Creation websites

Our design studio has a professional web-designers and web-programmers, can make for You special creative web site that will be a good tool for Your company.

Video design and editing

Any product our Studio is a high-quality implementation. For our customers we produce sophisticated high-quality videos that make creative video design, performed by qualified editing.

The design of the booklet

We have designed many brochures. All of them are unusual, creative and at the same time solid strict. We are able to combine these qualities and we make excellent booklets with superior design. We are also engaged in printing products.

Design of postcards

Christmas cards, corporate cards, invitations
On New year's or other holiday you want to give your customers and partners beautiful cards with original design. Postcards that we do, it is difficult to dispose of, they are always napominaniem about the company Mercator gave them.

Creating calendars

Quarterly calendars, desktop calendar, wall calendars
The calendar always combines creative image describing the company, and functional content. The calendar is always a great business tool. Let us make something special, and You will be pleasantly surprised by the result!

Creating digital posters

Digital posters is a relatively new type of video advertising. The screen displays the poster, but all its elements are "live", which creates a sense that we look at the world depicted in the poster from the window.

Printing products

We not only make beautiful and original design, we can produce for You the required number of copies of products. The production is under our control: we produce the required number of proofs that are present during critical stages of manufacturing materials, are responsible for the final result.